With her special gifts, Vicki Rose has been assisting people with quick solutions to difficult problems and insights into life challenges for over 40 years.  The name of Vicki’s business is aptly named Lifespace.

In her psychic/intuitive readings Vicki uses the unique, ancient Chinese divination system called I Ching along with Tarot as effective tools to provide direct answers and information relating to all types of relationships, finances, career, health, grief and loss, and much more.

Besides doing individual/personal readings,  she does professional/corporate readings for businesses and busy professionals which assist in planning and exact timing for strategies, sales,  acquisitions, marketing,  priority goal setting, and conflict resolution, etc.



Family Issues                         Dates & Timing                     Career Change

Romance and Love                Health & Healing                   Finances

Business Guidance                Geographic Relocation         Past Lives

Dates & Timing                      Messages from the other side


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